Published: 01.07.2024

First bronze-silver-gold DofE ceremony in Humpolec

The afternoon of 27 June was a significant historical moment for the Humpolec, Hálkova Primary School together with the pupils involved in the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award (DofE) programme and the town of Humpolec for the second time. The ceremony during which successful DofE graduates received their certificates boasted two firsts. It was the first time we had presented awards to over two dozen (twenty-one to be exact) graduates and the first time we had also achieved the highest, Gold level of the programme.

The ceremony took place in the ceremonial hall of the town hall in the presence of distinguished guests. These were the Mayor of Humpolec Ing. Petr Machek, representatives of the DofE programme - Silvie Riegerová (PR & Communications Lead), regional manager Barbora Míková, regional coordinator Šárka Hrbáčková, the director of our school Mgr. Tomáš Jůzl with colleagues Mgr. Iva Svobodová and Mgr. Miroslav Švíhálek (all of them also head of DofE at Humpolec, Hálkova Primary School) and the director of the cooperating organization Medou Lenka Šlapáková.

The number of awarded "Dofaks" has been the highest in the entire period of the program's implementation at our school (since 2019). Fifteen pupils received a bronze certificate from the mayor, five were awarded a silver certificate and for the first time a gold certificate was also presented, all together with small gifts. In addition to congratulations, Mr. Director Jůzl presented commemorative brooches and Mrs. Director Šlapáková presented small gifts on behalf of the organization Medou.

The awardees were accompanied by their classmates "Dofáci", parents, siblings. The whole ceremony was held in a very friendly atmosphere and the management of the town of Humpolec deserves great thanks for providing a dignified space of the ceremonial hall.

And who do we want to congratulate on receiving the certificates? Zuzana Eiglová, Tereza Svobodová, Vojtěch Jírů, Dominik Kořínek, Simona Kubátová, Pavla Brambůrková, Marie Zemanová, Lukáš Mareš, Karolína Povolná, Julie Píchová, Tereza Fikarová, Eva Kalinová, Viktorie Žáčková, Kateřina Vacková and Tobiáš Okapal successfully completed the bronze level of the programme.

Beata Havlová, Vít Buňat, Stanislav Dománek, Štěpán Šimůnek and our last year's graduate Viktoria Kejlová managed to achieve the silver level.

The first ever gold award in the history of the school was also won by our graduate David Jírů thanks to his intensive work over several years. As a continuation of the DofE programme, he now has the position of an ambassador, further spreading the ideas of the programme among young people.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for representing our school and the city of Humpolec with your work. We are already looking forward to presenting golden certificates to several more of our graduates around the middle of the year 2025 and next year in June we will organize the third ceremony for the next successful "Dofaks" from the Humpolec, Hálkova Elementary School in the ceremonial hall of the town office.

Mgr. Michal Šimek

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