• Foreign languages
  • Hobby (reading, carving, stamp collecting)
  • Music (DJ, band, music writing)
  • Musical instrument
  • Communication (braille, debating, making videos)
  • Craft (pottery, ceramics, cooking)
  • Art and design (photography, calligraphy, painting)
  • Nature (astronomy, geology, animal husbandry)

Motion Pohyb

  • Athletics (running, frisbee, walking, long jump)
  • Martial arts / self-defence (aikido, judo, karate, fencing)
  • Collective and ball sports (badminton, floorball, football, table tennis)
  • Outdoor recreation (cycling, climbing, horse riding, parkour)
  • Gym/fitness (yoga, pilates, weight training, jump rope)
  • Dance/gymnastics (aerobics, ballet, hip hop, folk dances)
  • Water sports (canoeing, swimming, diving, rowing, water polo)
  • Winter activities (skating, skiing, skicross, ski jumping)


Volunteering Dobrovolnictvi

  • Media (web management, social networks, radio)
  • Non-profit organisation
  • Emergency services (volunteer firefighters, lifeguards, police assistance)
  • Helping others (help with shopping, spending time with the elderly)
  • Caring for animals (shelter help, wildlife rescue)
  • Education (tutoring, teacher assistance)
  • Hello (first aid course, help in hospital)
  • Environment (garbage collection, tree care)

You can volunteer by participating in our buddy initiative Stand By Me (I Stand By You). For three months, we will connect you with a new friend who will be your support and partner for leisure activities and working together on a mini-project that you will come up with based on your common interests. You can also tutor, mentor or help teachers, coaches or leaders. For more information about engagement formats at your school or online, visit the following link.

We also cooperate with the Czech Federation of Food Banks, z. s., with the association Ukliďme Česko, Sázíme stromy, z. ú. and others.

All organisationsthat we work with, and where you can volunteer, you'll find here.

We also offer you a great opportunity to take advantage of Activity Database -, which is prepared by Helena Pechová, a graduate of all levels of DofE. In the database you will find volunteering opportunities that can be done locally in different parts of the Czech Republic or online. You can also search for internships or various competitions. We definitely recommend a visit!

Expeditions Expedice

    • Cross-country skiing
    • Cycling
  • Mountaineering
  • Canoeing
  • Historical trip
  • National park survey
  • Scientific research
  • Exploring the sea
  • Restoration of the trail
  • Pilgrimage route
  • High mountain hiking

Residential project R projekt

  • Summer camp counselors
  • Outdoor Adventure Course
  • Language course
  • Youth Parliament
  • Volunteer work in the national park
  • Repair of buildings
  • Nature cleaning
  • Workcamp

Don't know what to choose? Check out more examples of activities

If you're still hesitant, your DofE leader will be happy to help you with your choice of activities, or you can be inspired by the activities of other DofE participants, take a look at our YouTube channel.