Why support the DofE?

DofE is a unique global non-formal education programme based on the principle of "learning by experience", which leaves a remarkable mark on the personal development of young people aged 14 to 24 from all walks of life.

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What does DofE bring?

The DofE programme has a positive impact on young people, changing their mindset and overall attitude to life. It introduces them to a world of 'yes, I can do it' and 'yes, I will try', replacing the fear of failure. DofE reinforces key life competences that are needed for a successful future.

What exactly do you gain by supporting us?

  • getting to know the younger generation and being part of changing the education system
  • you support a prestigious international programme that operates in 130 countries around the world
  • develop your staff and give them the opportunity to mentor and motivate young people in the DofE
  • You do meaningful CSR and give your time and energy to volunteering that develops your organisation, society and community
  • Presenting awards and showcasing your corporate values at DofE events supported by the British Royal Family
  • you will be involved in the education and development of your future employees

How will your donations help?

  • support for participation in the programme for children from children's homes, socially weak, disadvantaged or handicapped
  • support for national and international adventure expeditions
  • Supporting further training and development of teachers and volunteers who lead and mentor young people
  • support for international placements for DofE volunteers
  • material support for educational institutions involved in DofE
  • support for program expansion

How to support

There are two ways you can support us:

1. Immediate financial donation on the portal Darujme.cz
2. Become our strategic partner DofE Youth Friend.

A strategic partnership with DofE enables you to bring your corporate values to life. Come with us to do the right thing for our country and society, for your employees, their children and your customers. Contact the DofE directly. We'd love to meet you and work together to figure out how best to support the younger generation.

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Tomas Vokac