Read the annual reports of the DOFE programme in the Czech Republic and find out more about our activities in previous years. In this section you will also find the results of research that DOFE has carried out to explore the benefits and impacts of the programme on young people and adults, but also, for example, to quantify the value of the programme's societal benefits in the Czech Republic.

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SROI (Social Return on Investment) research results

In 2019, we decided to measure the economic value of the DofE's impact on young people, adults and society as a whole. In partnership with the International Foundation (IAF), we carried out SROI (Social Return on Investment) research to find out the social return on investment. In simple terms, it is a financial quantification of the social value that a programme delivers compared to the resources invested in the programme.

In order to measure the social value of DofE, we worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers UK (PwC) to develop a methodology that uses social economy principles and economic valuation techniques and is consistent with the principles of social return on investment. In our research, we looked primarily at atImproving overall mental well-being, called wellbeing,young people (participants) and adults (leaders/teachers) and also the wider impacts of the DofE on society. The data collection for the research took place over 6 months, during which time we collected over 1,200 responses from all target groups, i.e. young people currently completing the DofE, graduates of the programme and also leaders. The results showed that the quantified societal value of the measured benefits and impacts is more than triple the amount of funding that has been put into the programme during 2019.

If you'd like to find out more about the research and its other results, you can check out this SROI presentation.