The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Czech Republic (DofE) is an education programme that supports young people in more than 130 countries around the world to develop for the long term. It aims to give everyone the chance to be #WorldReady, that is, ready for the challenges of the modern world.

The programme is designed for everyone between the ages of 14 and 24 and is based on non-formal education in the form of experiential pedagogy. Over 230 institutions and more than 5,000 pupils and students are currently involved in the Czech Republic.

Who can provide DofE?

The programme can be provided by primary and secondary schools, universities, non-profit organisations, children's homes, sports clubs, leisure centres, municipalities and other institutions working with youth.

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What does DofE bring?

How to get involved?

You can also start delivering the DofE programme in your school or youth work organisation. It's simple:

  • get acquainted with the program and  contact your regional manager
  • select suitable people and register them for DofE training accredited by the Ministry of Education
  • Together, we will introduce the programme at your institution and help you recruit participants
  • the DofE programme can start with you
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DofE institutions pay an annual contribution to the implementation and development of the programme, which varies according to the type of institution:

  • Non-profit organizations, children's homes: 0 CZK
  • Children's and youth homes, leisure centres: 4 500 CZK
  • State (public) secondary and primary schools: 9 500 CZK
  • Private schools: 17 500 CZK
  • International schools: 35 000 CZK

The allowance always applies to the school year. If your institution does not have the opportunity to draw on funding for the DofE programme from a funder or one of our partner organisations (usually through DofE memoranda with counties and cities or private bodies), you can try the programme for the first year for free to see how the DofE benefits your school. For more information, please contact your DofE Regional Manager (see the Contact section).

Who has already joined

Over 230 schools and institutions across the Czech Republic are already involved in the DofE programme.
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Institutions involved

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Do you want to deliver a DofE programme?

Your school or organisation working with young people can also deliver the DofE programme. Contact us - we'll be happy to explain. If you already have enough information, you can sign up for basic and expedition training. And if you've already been trained or are about to be trained, you can fill in an Application for Involvement form to help speed up the start of the programme at your organisation.

The DofE Award is supported by prominent Czech personalities

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"I appreciate that my brother and I can be patrons of the DofE programme. The programme helps young people overcome their fears and anxieties about failure."

Martina Ptáčková

Eight times world champion in martial arts

"There are situations that seem insurmountable, but those are the ones that have given me the most in life. Even the DofE inspires young people to go for their goals and not give up."

Kristina Němčková

World's youngest MasterChef winner

"DofE helps young people to achieve their goals and overcome their limits. It also motivates those who would not normally push themselves to achieve their goals."

Zdeněk Piškula


"The DofE is helping young people in today's age of a plethora of options to decide on some of them and pursue them on a regular basis."

Marek Eben

Actor, presenter, composer, singer and songwriter.

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