Published: 11.02.2020

News from the DofE National Centre for all programme leaders and coordinators. Information for all Award Coordinators and Leaders (also available in English).

Short News are also available in English here >>


In cooperation with the Pilsen Region, the DofE programme was presented to 16 institutions in January. The presentation was attended by students from Gymnasium Jaroslav Vrchlický in Klatovy and explained the programme to the participants in a practical way. The official press release can be found here >>

We would like to remind you again that the DofE Leader Camp, i.e. the DofE Leaders and Coordinators Meeting, will take place in Vysočina at the Skalský dvůr Hotel from 26 to 27 September 2020. Don't miss the opportunity to attend this unique event! More information and registration here >>

Over the last year, thanks to the Erasmus+ project, we have managed to send 12 DofE leaders from the Czech Republic on international exchanges to Bulgaria, Lithuania and the Netherlands. Watch this inspiring video from the December exchange in Prague to find out How to be a good DofE leader on our YouTube >>

DofE story

Thanks to the DofE, I'll be studying in England


When I started the DofE programme, I had no idea what was in store for me. The me of today and the me of then wouldn't know each other. I couldn't stick with one thing, I wanted everything but I didn't achieve anything.

The DofE taught me to be focused and I decided to study English in England. I am now deciding between studying at two prestigious English universities, and I have received acceptance letters from both of them. In DofE I have gained even more qualities, such as being determined, grateful, selfless and courageous.

(David Popelka, 18 years old, SPdgŠ and SZŠ St. Agnes of Bohemia, winner of the Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze Award, now working on the Gold Award)

DofE Club

The DofE Club has opened registration for this year's Winter Weekend, to which all DofE participants and alumni are invited. It will take place on 6-8 March in Josefův Důl and the programme will include winter sports according to each participant's interest, exploring the area and playing games.

Registration is open until 15 February and can be found here >>



Although winter is in full swing (at least on the calendar), many of you know that it's slowly getting to be expedition planning time. An essential part of the process is expedition trainingwhich will be made easier with a few tips from us:



  1. Use prepared resources
    • for example, our YouTube videos that we introduced last year (How to Pack a Backpack, How to Build a Fire, How to Cook, How to Pitch a Tent).
  2. Let participants learn from each other
    • many of them have experience of being outdoors, let them shine in front of their classmates.
  3. Make it interactive and use technology to help you. For example, create a fun first aid revision quiz on the app Kahoot!
  4. Combine this with team building activities and the expedition can be even more special. Have you ever tried setting up a tent with blindfolds on?


Date Events Location
4. 3. Basic training Prague
5. 3. Expedition training Prague
7. 4. Basic training Ostrava
8. 4.  Expedition training Ostrava
15. 4.  Basic training Prague
16. 4.  Expedition training Prague
26.-27. 9. DofE Leader Camp Skalský dvůr, Vysočina

More events can be found on our website >>

You can also download the short reports in pdf >>

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