Published: 03.09.2021

Receiving five thousand crowns from the region to pay for a licence to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award (DofE) programme. This is made possible by the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between the region and the DofE for secondary schools established by the South Bohemian Region. 

The act took place on July 14. Pavel Klíma, Deputy Governor for Education, and Tomáš Vokáč, Director of the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Programme, made the announcement at a meeting of representatives of both parties and during a presentation of the project to the media. Due to the anti-epidemic measures, the presentation was not held until Tuesday 31 August and was also attended by some school principals.

Klíma recalled that the DofE is the world's most important non-formal education programme. "TI am delighted that the region can support in this way the activities of our schools, which develop volunteering in students and the way to their personal development through experiential pedagogy," Klíma added, adding that 10 South Bohemian schools have already joined the programme and we want to reach out to other interested parties.

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