Published: 10.06.2022

The DofE has its own TV channel, Prepare for the Future. Wondering how to tune into it on TV? Read the instructions directly from Czech Radio Communications, which created the channel.


The start of broadcasting a new programme may require viewers to activate the tuning of programmes on their set-top boxes or TV receivers equipped with DVB-T2 tuner in those cases when the new programme is not automatically tuned by the receiver. In addition, if you do not want to lose the order of your selected programmes (channel list), we recommend the following procedure: select the "tuning" tab in the control menu of the receiver (usually marked as "set up").

  • Select the manual tuning option.
  • Set the received program channel e.g. 23 (CH23), confirm this selection (OK - enter). The channel numbers can be easily found in the Tune in.
  • The new program should appear in the list of programs within a few seconds.
  • Another option is to have the AUTOMATIC CHANNEL UPDATE function enabled on the TV, if the receiver allows this option.
  • In case the TV channel number is not known or the above procedure does not work, you can select the automatic tuning option in the "tuning" tab; this option will ensure complete re-tuning of all TV programmes in the available broadcast networks (multiplexes) and usually also delete the existing order of the already tuned programmes.

Note: The red button appears only for those TV channels that are broadcast via antenna (terrestrial broadcasting).

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