Published: 09.03.2020

News from the DofE National Centre for all programme leaders and coordinators. Information for all Award Coordinators and Leaders (also available in English).

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25 years with you! In February, we started celebrating the 25th anniversary of the DofE in the Czech Republic. The first gift we gave ourselves for the celebrations was a new visual identity in the online world. On the well-known you will now find information about the programme in a completely new coat.

Until the end of this year, you can look forward to unique events to celebrate the DofE's anniversary. We hope to see you at some of them. In September, the national DofE Leader Camp will take place in the Highlands, more information and an application form can be found here: We are also planning several regional Meetups, dates can be found in the calendar and you can get more information from your regional manager. You can register for them here:

We also have a brand new video explaining the basic functions of ORB for your easy orientation in the system. You can watch it here:

We are still collecting responses for the DofE's impact research: If you haven't filled in the questionnaire yet, don't hesitate, you can still win a unique DofE tin! Thank you.

DofE Story

International meeting of DofE programme leaders in the Netherlands

In the first week of February, the fourth of a series of international exchanges within the Erasmus+ programme and the DofE project took place, this time the participants visited the Netherlands. The main topic of the meeting was youth work and non-formal education.

A team of twenty participants, mostly youth project leaders from five countries, were able to attend a three-day training in Woudenberg, the Netherlands. In a rural farm setting, they engaged in workshops on the topic of youth motivation, exchanging experiences from their practice.

"The selection of guest speakers could not have been better. Their passion for the same cause, their drive to lead the younger generations and build a better future together was pervasive. Having such a wonderful opportunity to meet people who are experienced, intelligent and vision-driven in a quality discussion may never be repeated. I am extremely grateful to have had the privilege," says exchange participant Jan Jech.

DofE Club

The DofE Club invites all participants and alumni to the Expedition Meeting, which will take place April 1, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. at the A6 Student Club at the Albertov in Prague. Come and hear stories about legendary DofE expeditions, both in the Czech Republic and abroad, from alumni of the programme and be inspired for your next adventure!




We bring you more news and simplifications in the field of expeditions. Many of you are contacting us because you don't have enough participants to organize an expedition. We have therefore created a table where you can search for participants from other local centres, make arrangements and go on an expedition together. The spreadsheet follows a few simple rules, which you can find right there. If you have any questions, please contact your regional manager.

Please note - this is not an expedition organised by the National Centre, the table is solely for you and to facilitate your mutual arrangements.

The link to the table is here:


Date Events Location
27. 3. Meetup Prague
1. 4. Meetup Ústí nad Labem
3. 4. Meetup Camp
3. 4. Meetup Hradec Kralove
7. 4. Basic training Ostrava
8. 4. Expedition training Ostrava
15. 4. Basic training Prague
16. 4. Expedition training Prague
17. 4. Meetup in English Prague

You can also download the short messages in pdf here

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