Published: 17.05.2019

Here are the results of the first call for the DofE Fund.

In the first round of 2019, the DofE Social Fund, supported by the Kooperativa Foundation, is contributing a total of 282 100 CZK.

CZK 18,000 is allocated to support new DofE centres. CZK 13,000 is allocated for the promotion of the DofE programme. CZK 22,250 is allocated for the activities of DofE participants. Contributions for training and internships abroad for DofE programme leaders amount to CZK 4,000. Adventure expeditions are supported with a total of CZK 224,850.

More detailed results of the grant procedure can be found in the following document >>>

In total, CZK 600,892 was requested and unfortunately it was not within our means to support all applications. Regional managers will be in touch with you over the next week with individual feedback and details of the results.

If you want to help us develop the potential of young people, you can help us financially here

The next DofE Social Fund grant process, under Call 2/2019, will be launched in the second half of October 2019. We look forward to receiving your applications.

Thank you to the Kooperativa Foundation for their support!

The mission of the DofE programme is to give young people the opportunity to spend their free time in a meaningful way and to support them on their journey to independence. That's why we offer financial support to participants and the organisations that deliver the programme. Through the DofE Social Fund, we distribute a total of CZK 500,000 each year.

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