Published: 25.06.2021

The #dofe100 challenge was created in honour of the late HRH Prince Philip, founder of the DofE. We have created a challenge that replicates the values of the programme itself. It is about challenging yourself, setting goals and delivering them. And how can you as a school get involved? It's quite simple.

Choose your challenge!

First, choose a challenge that your team will enjoy. After a year of distance learning, we recommend combining a challenge with movement! The whole school or class can commit to the challenge:

100 hours of sport in 1 term

Pick up 100kg of litter around the neighbourhood in 1 school year

Read 100 books in 1 school year

100 km in 1 school trip or SPP

Set an amount!

Choose the amount you want to raise for the DofE. Keep in mind that for every £10,000, we will plant one tree in Prince Philip Avenue. What does this mean to you? That your school will have a named tree, within that globally unique tree line, to which you can organise school trips!

Promote the challenge!

You can set up a challenge at DARUJME.CZ. In order to make the challenge and the subsequent donation meaningful, it is important to share the challenge on the school's website, via emails e.g. with parents, with school supporters within the region on the social networks of the individual participants. There are no limits to creativity!

Do the #dofe100 challenge

The best at the end! Enjoy completing the challenge and all the fun the challenge brings. Thanks to its diversity, you can choose what characterises, fulfils and above all entertains you and your team!

We can't wait to see what you choose! In the beginning there was one person, now we will be completing 100 challenges with endless possibilities! #dofe100

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