Published: 01.10.2020

David has always loved to educate himself. Unfortunately, due to the inappropriate attitude of his primary school teachers, who viewed pupils based on their economic circumstances, he was neglected and not motivated enough. These experiences made it difficult for him to maintain a hobby and to be passionate about something in the long term. This all changed with the arrival of high school, where he joined the DOFE programme. Participating in DOFE has provided David with the motivation that has seen him now begin his studies at university in England.

As a skill, David contributed to the school magazine with the goal of becoming its editor. He successfully achieved this goal and went on to write articles for the local newspaper. As part of his volunteering, he tutored his friend in English. He chose yoga as a physical activity. At the end of the course, he had the opportunity to practice yoga with his classmates during gym class and show what he had learned. David's final expedition focused on cleaning up natural waters. However, the expedition participants had a slight setback as the water dried up, so they focused instead on cooking from supplies and making a documentary about their school's surroundings.

David had a great opportunity to moderate one of the DOFE ceremonies. It was a challenge for him as public speaking made him nervous. Thanks to DOFE, he overcame his fears, which will continue to be useful in his future career as a teacher.

David took a lot away from his participation in the DOFE programme. He began to focus on his activities and give them his full attention to achieve his goals. He gained the courage and motivation to continue and persevere in the things he starts. His diligence and determination led him to apply to the renowned English Department in York, where he was also accepted. Much of the credit for David's success goes to his high school and DOFE, through which he discovered his talent, became involved in various activities, started acting in theatre and wrote his own play. If it weren't for these encouragements, he probably never would have taken up such activities.

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