Published: 09.02.2024

Pardubice House of Music welcomed silver and bronze graduates of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE) programme from regional secondary schools this week. The project was founded in 1956 by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh to promote the development of boys and girls. The programme has been running in the Czech Republic since 1995. In 2023, 5,300 pupils aged between 14 and 24 were involved.

The award ceremony is held every year. The event is the culmination of the students' long-term efforts to develop in physical activities and to get involved in volunteering. An adventurous team expedition in the outdoors awaits them at the end of the programme.

This year, 12 silver graduates and 34 bronze graduates were awarded. "The DofE develops young people, connects them, inspires them and motivates them to maybe find something new in themselves. Staying with it, not giving up and doing something you enjoy - that's what the DofE programme delivers and I get incredible joy from the happy looks on the faces when we can present the 'DofEers' with their badge and certificate at the ceremony. In total, we have 17 actively involved DofE centres in the Pardubice Region and now more than 230 young people are taking part in the DofE programme throughout the Pardubice Region," said Lisa Kořínek, Regional Manager for East Bohemia and Vysočina.

The DofE lectures and educational activities also involve secondary schools in the Pardubice Region. Under the guidance of expert lecturers, pupils can learn how to learn, communicate and cope with failure better. The workshops also include sports activities or lectures on travel and volunteering. "Activities with the DofE are very enjoyable and inspire pupils not to be afraid to try new things, get involved in volunteering and travel abroad. I am extremely appreciative of the great interest there is in the project. The DofE programme allows participants to improve themselves in the things they choose to do voluntarily. Various sporting or volunteering activities also help to strengthen bonds with other 'dofes'. An internationally recognised certificate awaits graduates at the end of the programme. I am glad to see that the regional high schools are trying to support and organise activities aimed at the personal development of their pupils," said Josef Kozel, the Regional Councillor for Education.


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