You become a DofA the moment you register with the ORB. How to do it?

That's what our online application is for, we call it the Online Record Book (ORB). It's where you'll record your progress in each activity each week. Just give a short description of what you did and attach a photo, video, whatever you have available. With each entry, one hour is added to your timeline so you can keep track of how far you are. Your supervisor also has access to the ORB and can see and monitor your activities on an ongoing basis.

Register for the ORB app

You can get into the ORB on the web or download it as an app on your phone (Android, iOS). You can download instructions on how to register for the app above.


If you are over 18, you will fill in all the required fields, confirm your registration with the link that will be emailed to you and you will be taken straight to the payment.


If you are under 18, we will first need your or your guardian's consent to the program. It's simple. You fill in their email when you register. They will receive a request for your consent to participate in the program. After they give consent, we'll direct them to payment. Once the payment is in our system, we'll connect you with a supervisor.

The DofE is a challenge that thousands of young people from 130 countries around the world complete every year. Join them, it's worth it! And if you feel like you can't handle anything, there's always a solution. We look forward to seeing you!

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