The DofE programme has been running in the Czech Republic since 1995 and has already awarded over 5000 participants.

In 2019, 750 young people won the Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

Kamila Otrubová

winner of the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award

Kamila is the recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award. She received her award from Prince Edward in 2017. Her goal in Movement was to climb Elbrus, the highest mountain in the Caucasus and Russia, and she succeeded. This achievement inspired her to achieve another of her dreams, to climb Kilimanjaro. The DofE convinced her that much can be achieved, not only in sport but also in volunteering projects. She is a medical student and in her spare time she enjoys teaching skiing, ski mountaineering, triathlon, German, French and playing the piano. 


Eliska Vasirova

President of the DofE Club and holder of the DofE Gold Award

"For me, the DofE has always connected - and continues to connect - the four most important areas of my life. Improving myself in activities I enjoy, caring for those who are less fortunate, connecting with inspiring people and last but not least, taking on new challenges and adventures.
Having completed the Silver and Gold levels in the programme, I am now acting as a closing ceremony facilitator and ambassador in the newly participating centres. I am also involved in running the DofE Club, which brings together DofE participants and alumni who, like me, believe it's worth it!"

Eliška is now studying at the Faculty of Law at Charles University and also Psychology at Palacký University.

Tomas Vavrečka

winner of the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award

Tom comes from the village of Hlubočec near Ostrava and has been parkouring since he was a young boy. Parkour was also one of his activities within the framework of fulfilling the gold level, where he volunteered to lead a children's parkour club and founded his own non-profit organization.

Tom is the recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze, Silver and Gold Award.

Look at how Tom's parkour is going in our In the video.

Jakub Ruzicka

winner of the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award

James is the recipient of the silver and gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award. He studies Geography at the Faculty of Science at Charles University and adventure, discovery and overcoming himself is simply in his blood. As part of the DofE, he started to learn (and is still learning) Swedish, marked routes for the KCT, completed the Jizera 50 route and cycled to Bosnia and Herzegovina and back. In his spare time he likes to be outdoors on his feet, on his bike or cross-country skiing in winter.

Video about Kubo's DofE journey on our YouTube channel.

Lukáš Kotlár

winner of the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award

"I come from a children's home and the DofE has become an important part of my life at the age of 14, through which I have learned many new things. Thanks to my participation in the programme, I had the chance to go on an expedition abroad to Romania, meet lots of interesting people, make new friends and broaden my horizons. I even had the very rare opportunity to meet Her Royal Highness Sophia, Countess of Wessex."

Lucie Leišová

winner of the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award

"I've been swimming since I was a kid and I wanted to push myself a little further, so the idea of swimming across Gibraltar came up. I did it and as a result I was invited to dinner with Britain's Prince Edward, who runs the global DofE. I've also learned a lot in the volunteering field, coaching a children's swimming team."

Lucie is still actively promoting swimming as a sport for all, for example as a patron of the SenSen and Konta Bariéry project.