A comprehensive "buddy" program that helps children and youth (12-24 years old) in difficult life situations to self-actualize and integrate into their peer group. Both foreigners and children from Ukraine, as well as otherwise disadvantaged Czech children.

The project currently operates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania.


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The program is free of charge. There are no fees for participating schools and organisations or participants.

The Stand By Me / Stojím při Tobě project was officially launched on 27 September 2022 in cooperation with UNICEF and other organisations such as People in Need, META, ČOSIV, Values Education Cyril Mooneyunder the auspices of the MOE.

A press conference was also held that day at the premises of the Ministry of Education and Science. see here.

This structured buddy program is based on a sophisticated methodology and the value of the DofE programme. Like the standard DofE programme, it cannot do without a trained adult mentor to guide the children and young people. From our experience around the world, we know that DofE activates children and young people through meaningful activities, giving them a sense of belonging, physical and mental wellbeing, strengthening their determination and independence. The Buddy Programme focuses on children and young people who have limited opportunities. It helps them build relationships and experience success.

The purpose of the project is to help create an equal and friendly environment in schoolswhere young people will feel safe, get to know each other and work together under the guidance of a mentor on small projects of their own interest.

The programme is designed for secondary and primary schools, and also for DD, DDŠ, DDM, SVČ and NZDM, for institutions working with young people aged 12-24. The target groups are mainly children and young people from Ukraine, foreigners with OMJ, newcomers to the collective, children and young people with special needs / in acute difficult life situation / with psychological problems or keeping out of the peer group for a long time.


How does our project work in practice?

You can read about the implementation of the buddy programme in Articlethat Hospodářské noviny wrote about us.

Or you can listen to Report, which we filmed for you in SŠP KYJOV.


Benefits of the buddy programme

  • Facilitating the adaptation and greater inclusion of children and young people from Ukraine or otherwise disadvantaged children
  • Sophisticated methodology and ready-made tools for mentors
  • Development of trained mentors in working with pupils and students from disadvantaged backgrounds, the possibility of supervision by therapists from People in Need
  • The program is a prevention of bullying, outsiderism, absenteeism, conflicts in the team, psychological problems, poor grades and prejudice.

How does the program work?

  • The school or organisation applies for the programme and the selected mentors receive online training
  • Mentors will identify interested Czech and Ukrainian children with a need for inclusion and start their cooperation
  • Buddy pairs meet at least eight times and work on a joint mini-project according to a prepared methodology
  • Mentors receive regular online support from the DofE, can attend workshops and benefit from supervision by People in Need staff
  • After 3 months, the buddy programme officially ends with the award of a certificate and buddy pairs are free to continue in the standard DofE programme. (In the buddy programme, they complete an area of volunteering that counts towards their bronze DofE).


What does the methodology look like for buddies?

We have prepared structured methodology, which is designed so that buddy pairs work independently, without the need for continuous guidance of a mentor. The mentor monitors their activity in the ORB application and then they meet as needed to reflect on the buddy pair's work.



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