Published: 11.11.2019

News from the DofE National Centre for all programme leaders and coordinators.
For information on mandatory registration for the ceremonies, please visit the Calendar section.

Information for all Award Coordinators and Leaders.

Short news are also available in English here >>


In the past weeks, we have held Gold and Silver ceremonies, during which we awarded 148 graduates in total. You can see the photos here >>

The Bronze Ceremonies in Brno, Ostrava and Prague are still to come and you can find information and links to register in the Calendar section below.

You can still take part in research to find out the impact of the DofE programme on participants and leaders. If you take part, you could win a unique DofE tin. You can find the research in English and Czech here >>

To help you with promotion in your Local Centre, we have prepared a Manual to give you ideas for promotion and communication with participants and the public >>

You can now also find the training dates for 2020 on our website. We would also like to inform you that the training will cost 400 CZK from the new year. Dates and registration here.

DofE story

Breakfast with DofE

On 1 November, two DofE gold level graduates were invited to appear on Breakfast with Nova, where they had the chance to present the programme they themselves had completed to the general public. You can watch a recording of the programme at the link. The DofE is discussed at 1:00:45.

Link >>

DofE Club

The Club was very active in October. It organized an open silver expedition, in which two teams participated. Club member Illy went to Italy to act as an assessor for the gold expedition and four other members received their gold awards at the ceremony.

The club has finished the Autumn Weekend in Olomouc and is planning a Christmas meeting, which will take place on 11 December in Prague. In addition to refreshments and Christmas music, Secret Santa will also be present. Information about all events can be found on the club's website >>


On an expedition to Italy

To the north of Rome are desolate and high mountains. Three boys and two girls from the Rumburk Gymnasium formed a team and bravely embarked on an expedition to this rugged terrain of the Apennines, where it was really not easy to navigate. They gained many unforgettable experiences, such as spending a night in the gardens of an ancient Benedictine monastery, or overcoming great elevations and swimming in rivers. Fulfilling the expedition's goal of comparing the flowers and trees to our homeland was also great. A well-deserved pizza and sightseeing in the Vatican and Rome were duly enjoyed at the end.


We would like to remind you that the mandatory registration for the Brno ceremony will close on 13 November:

Registration form for leaders and coordinators is here >>

The registration form for participants is available here >>

For mandatory registration, one form must always be filled in by the coordinator (information on who from your institution's staff and management will attend the ceremony) and the other form must be filled in by the individual participants themselves.

Registration for the ceremony in Ostrava is still open (until 22 November):

Ceremonies in Ostrava - form for leaders >>

Ceremony in Ostrava - form for participants >>

We are also opening registration for the ceremonies in Prague (until 29 November):

Ceremonies in Prague - form for leaders >>

Ceremony in Prague - form for participants >>


More events can be found on our website >>

Date Events Location
25. 11. Bronze ceremony  Brno
5. 12. Bronze ceremony  Ostrava
12. 12. Bronze ceremonies  Prague
17. 12. Bronze ceremonies  Prague
14. 1. Basic training Prague
15. 1. Expedition training Prague

Registration for the training can be found here >>

You can also download the short reports in pdf in Czech >>

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