Published: 04.02.2019

February is here and we are close to the first event of the year - the regional presentation of our program! It will take place twice, on 21.2. in Liberec and 25.2. in Brno. 

21.2., Liberec

The event will take place at the headquarters of the Regional Office of the Liberec Region (entrance C, multimedia hall) starting at 14:00, under the auspices of Mgr. Petr Tulpa, Deputy Governor of the Liberec Region. Almost 120 representatives of primary and secondary schools from all over the region have been invited to present our programme and we are looking forward to a large turnout!

25.2., Brno 

The presentation of the DofE programme will take place at 14:00 at the Regional Office in Brno (Administrative and Training Centre Cejl, auditorium of the Department of Education). The event is under the auspices of JUDr. Bohumil Šimek, Governor of the South Moravian Region. In addition to the representatives of the DofE National Office, our ambassador Soňa Vyskočilová, who has extensive experience with the implementation of the programme, will also speak.

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