Published: 08.11.2019

What is it like to do the DofE and what does it involve?
What is the most difficult and what does the DofE bring?
Read the article about Denise Zezulka, who took up the bronze level as soon as possible, at the age of 13.

Denise is 14 years old and has completed her bronze level DofE. She started filling her silver at the start of the new school year. She wanted to join the DofE at 12 but the programme didn't allow it, so in the meantime she watched videos, websites and stories from other participants and was looking forward to getting started.

What activities did you choose in the 3 DofE areas? And what were your objectives for each activity?

I chose reading as a talent development because I love books so much. I set a goal to read one book each month, but when I had a 400 page book read after a week, I knew I could do more. I chose that as my main activity as well and read 12 books in total.
In movement I chose handball, but in the middle I had to change to running. And volunteering, that was the hardest thing for me to choose. First I wanted to help as a nurse, but there was no place in Paskov. So I started helping the teacher in the school library. I used to wrap books, stamp them, sort them and choose new ones for the library.

Where did you go on your expedition and what are your favourite memories? 

We went on a training expedition to the vicinity of Řepiště and on a sharp expedition to Jakartovice. We walked through the nature according to the map, found the trail, which we then cast, set up our tents, cooked and played cards. I enjoyed the expedition, tried carrying a heavy backpack and walked a longer route than I would have expected to manage. I had a lot of fun and am already looking forward to the silver one.

Which of the activities did you enjoy most in DofE and why?

I enjoyed reading the most because I am a book lover. I enjoy getting into the stories that authors tell. But I'm glad for all areas of the DofE, I enjoyed them all.

What is the most difficult thing for you in the program?

For me, the hardest part was following the map and carrying my big backpack on the expedition. 

What has the DofE given you in your life? How do you think it will help you in the future?

The program taught me how to work with people I don't know and how to share a common experience with them. DofE has given me hope that I can achieve something on my own and with friends, and not just with the help of my family. I think it will also help me in the future at secondary school and maybe even in my medical studies, which I would like to pursue.

Why would you recommend the DofE to anyone else?

I would recommend DofE to everyone as it is a great way to fulfil your dreams and get involved in activities outside of home, school, but also with friends. From my experience I first thought it was another boring club, but when I read about it on the school website it made me want to find out more. So, I would recommend DofE to anyone who likes to push their limits, and wants to achieve a new goal.

Thank you Denise for the interview.

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