Published: 02.03.2020

A team of twenty participants, mostly DofE programme leaders from four countries, attended a three-day training in Woudenberg, the Netherlands. In a rural farm setting, they engaged in workshops aimed at motivating young people and exchanging experiences from their practice.

Read about the fourth international exchange of DofE leaders, supported by the Erasmus+ project "Non-formal learning in the formal education". The participants themselves will tell you.  

"Even a few days after the international DofE meeting in the Netherlands, I am not able to fully understand its importance and positive impact. I was amazed to observe the incredible dedication of all participants to the good cause that the DofE prize offers. The organisers have done a bravura job in putting together the programme, and great admiration must be given to their sense of choosing a suitable venue where everyone could come together, literally as a family, and develop their full potential, both during the formal seminars and, more importantly, during the informal fireside sessions. It succeeded in creating an atmosphere of growth and sharing.

The selection of guest speakers could not have been better. Their passion for the same cause, their drive to lead the younger generations and build a better future together was pervasive. Having such a wonderful opportunity to meet people who are experienced, intelligent and vision-driven in a quality discussion may never be repeated. I am extremely grateful to have had the privilege.

I see the biggest benefit, which will certainly have lasting value, as the opportunity to connect with people of the same mindset. With several of them we have mutually agreed the possibility of cooperation, not only in terms of personal visits, but especially on the level of establishing an exchange programme between our institutions within the DofE programme.

Many thanks to Josef Nová, who played the role of the leader of the "Czech" team perfectly. He took care of us and was always helpful."

Jan Jech, Eliška krásnohorská Primary School in Ústí nad Labem.

"The educational exchange perfectly met my expectations. The organisers managed to create a balanced combination of an educational component and an informal part where participants could exchange their experiences with the DofE.
The expert part of the programme focused on the issue of youth motivation and, thanks to the quality selection of trainers, provided interesting insights into the topic. We were introduced to several theories of the stages of the motivation process. We were also equipped with communication techniques suitable for working with DofE participants.

The informal component of the training provided a space for sharing experiences, where we exchanged information on the situation in each of the four countries involved in the programme. It also provided an opportunity to network at national and international level.

Overall, I evaluate the whole stay as a unique opportunity to gain inspiration for further work, especially considering the fact that we are just starting the programme at the medical school in Znojmo. The other programme leaders were happy to offer me their experience and share their knowledge."

Pavel Kašpárek, SZŠŠ and VOŠZ Znojmo

"I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the exchange in the Netherlands. The stay exceeded my expectations in every way. The Dutch prepared a very varied programme for us, both the educational part, where we had the opportunity to gain a lot of inspiring information from the experience of other DofE leaders, and interesting workshops in the field of psychology, where we thought a lot about motivation. Everything was done in an informal and relaxed atmosphere and a great bunch of people came together, so sharing with each other was very enjoyable and enriching.

We also had a lot of great experiences in team building activities and had plenty of space to get to know each other and talk. I am leaving energised and looking forward to continuing to work with my DofE participants."

Olga Veselá, GPOA Znojmo


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