Published: 13.08.2021

The DofE is all about challenges and now there's another one. Make a video of your expedition on the theme of 'respect', post the video on social media with the hashtag #GasNetChallenge and get a gift voucher to buy sports equipment. Why is respect the theme? And what are the rules of the #GasNetChallenge? 

Respect for people. Respect for nature. Respect for safety. Respect... ,,Respect is a strong value that we share with the DofE. That is why we are reliable partners of the DofE and the DofE Fund, which enables young people to work on themselves regardless of their social background. Help spread this important value, help spread respectand join the #GasNetChallenge from 1 September," calls Erika Vorlová, a member of the management of our partner company GasNet. 

What can you look forward to? 

Gift vouchers for the purchase of sports equipment worth CZK 1,000 and GasNet gift packages for members of selected expeditions. Who will get them? 

Read the 6 rules and you're good to go:

  • Make a short team video from the expedition on the theme of respect. Can you show the activities you did on the expedition to show respect for nature? Or how did respect translate into the success of the expedition? Or do you have another idea? Will it be funny? It's a challenge and it's up to you. 

  • You can shoot video on your mobile phone, camera or camcorder. Whatever you want. 

  • The length of the video? Up to 3 minutes max, but shorter is better. You can take inspiration from the video by the students of the Příbor Gymnasium, who this year cleaned wells with respect for nature:

  • Post the video on any of the following social networks from 1 September to 31 October 2021: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.

  • Important: Attach a hashtag to the video #GasNetChallenge a publish the video publicly so that it is publicly traceable thanks to the hashtag, even after 31 October. So don't just upload the video to stories, where it will disappear; or post it privately to a locked profile, where it won't be found or appreciated based on the hashtag.

  • During the filming Respect DofE values and safety.


After 31 October, we will select two videos from the expeditions to invite to the DofE ceremony. Here they will receive gift vouchers for the purchase of sports equipment worth CZK 1,000 and GasNet gift packs. One video will be chosen at random, the other will be determined by a panel of DofE and GasNet representatives. 

The best videos will be shared on DofE and GasNet social media or used in presentation activities. In short, we want to show the videos with you!

Do you have a question about #GasNetChallenge? Write to That's all. Now it's up to you.

#GasNetChallenge: Film the expedition, show respect

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