Published: 13.12.2021

Thanks to the kind support of GasNet, each year we launch 2 calls for applications for the DofE Social Fund. What exactly does this mean? Participants who would otherwise not be able to afford to take part in the programme can apply thanks to the Fund. The contribution helps schools and institutions involved in DofE to purchase equipment for expeditions or any other DofE activities. In 2021 we distributed £549,140 through the Fund. Interested in finding out how exactly the Fund helps? Read on. 🙂

Non-profit organization ANO, ANO

We are a non-profit organisation that supports children and young people from children's homes, foster and socially vulnerable families and we also involve these young people in the DofE programme. Thanks to financial support from the DofE Social Fund, our participants can join the programme as they are exempt from registration fees and can complete expedition training and expeditions across all programmes.

This year, 16 young people from children's homes were supported to go on their bronze expedition in four teams. This year the Fund supported the expeditions, both with expedition equipment (DofE flags, backpacks) and each participant (travel, food, accommodation). 

The help of the fund is very important for our participants and we are very grateful for it.

Ludmila Zachová

non-profit organization YES, YES

How does the DofE fund help us at Paskov Primary School?

We are Paskov Primary School and our pupils are regularly involved in DofE. This school year we have 18 participants involved fulfilling the bronze level and 5 who are continuing in the silver level.

We are involved in of each DofE Social Fund callbecause it can help children pay for dance lessons, ingredients for their culinary creations or new sports shoes that they have outgrown. This saves the family's already tight budget.

The Cooking activity is very popular and is praised not only by the children who do it, but we also have positive feedback from mothers who write to us about how the children are suddenly interested in the running of the household and are actively involved in buying groceries, preparing simple or more complex dishes such as spreads, soups, main dishes and even cakes or buns. Spending time together with grandma or mum cooking is also very valuable. The participants are very grateful for the raw materials grant they received from the DofE Social Fund.

Thank you for this chance.

Mgr. Martina Juhasová

Coordinator of the Open Centre at Paskov Primary School

Gymnasium Příbor

The situation in her family led to her becoming independent, so she is no longer officially a single mother. Although she is still studying at the gymnasium, she was forced to find her own housing and start supporting herself. While studying, she earns part-time income and yet already meets the DofE gold standard. Thanks to the DofE's Social Fund, she has raised the necessary funds to buy good quality equipment to play the piano.

University students

"My friends and I are studying at universities and we are saving every penny - that's why we applied for a grant from the DofE fund for an expedition abroad. Thanks to the grant, we went to the Austrian Alps and spent basically the same amount as if we were walking in the Czech mountains. It's great that thanks to the DofE fund we can look further afield than the Czech Republic at minimal cost. It has given us unforgettable experiences." Ludmila Hrachovcová, Let's Help Children Live Better Foundation


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