Published: 22.02.2021

DofE participants can now prepare for study abroad as part of their skills. They will be mentored by experienced Bakala Foundation scholarship holders who are studying (or have studied) at leading universities abroad.

One of the DofE graduates is Renata Chalupská, who praises her participation very much: "The DofE has helped me to set ambitious goals and persevere despite obstacles. As part of the programme, I was lucky enough to take part in an expedition to the Himalayas. It's an experience I probably would never have had otherwise in my life."

Thanks to the experience gained at the DofE, Renata succeeded in the selection process and received a Scholarship from the Bakala Foundation. Thanks to this scholarship, she can now study her dream field, Molecular and Cellular Biology in the Master's programme at the University of Glasgow in the UK.

Renata, together with other "bakalascholar" scholarship holders, have now become mentors in the DofE programme and are ready to pass on their rich experience of studying abroad to those interested. For example, they can give advice on how to choose the right school abroad, how to prepare for the entrance exams, how to apply for a scholarship or how to write a great application essay.
In doing so, DofE participants will also fulfil one of the important aspects required to obtain the internationally recognised DofE certificate.

Interested in getting involved with the DofE? Want to know more about how to prepare for university study abroad? Then join our online "inspiration" Thursday, February 25th at 4pm, via Facebook Live Event. 

Not only will you learn about the programme itself, but you will also hear directly from Renata about her experiences at DofE, her expedition to the Himalayas and her studies in the UK. There really is a lot to look forward to!

This event is organised by DofE Award Czech Republic in cooperation with the Bakala Foundation.

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