Have you always wanted to do something meaningful but never found the motivation?

Join the DofE and let's finally achieve your goals!

What is DofE

The DofE is a challenge for anyone aged 14 to 24 to force you to work on yourself regularly. Get involved and choose a skill, movement and volunteering you want to do for an hour a week. At the end of it, you'll have an adventurous expedition with your friends.

I was afraid I couldn't overcome my laziness and engage in activities on a regular basis. Eventually, I Thanks to the DofE, I organized my own photo opening and got the courage to go and volunteer in Nepal!

Eliška Majerová,
silver level graduate
new participants per year
awarded in 2023
mentors all over the Czech Republic
DofE centre
years of tradition in the Czech Republic

I'm 14-24 years old and I want to join the DofE

  • Find out where you can get started with the DofE in your area or how to apply online.
  • Move, improve, help.
  • Get an international certificate for completing the programme.
Sounds great!

We want the DofE to provide

  • Every primary and secondary school, children's home, leisure centre and other organisations working with young people can take part.
  • Opportunity to involve all pupils and students.
  • You will receive training, methodology and long-term support from the DofE National Centre.
How to get started

We want to involve our daughter / our son

  • Participation brings young people improved emotional well-being, independence, creativity, improved physical fitness and involvement in volunteering.
  • Each participant completes the program under a trained leader. The training is accredited by the Ministry of Education.
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We want to support DofE

  • You will enable children from orphanages, socially disadvantaged or handicapped to participate in the programme.
  • Support the training of teachers and volunteers who mentor young people in their spare time.
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The DofE Award is supported by prominent Czech personalities

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"I appreciate that my brother and I can be patrons of the DofE programme. The programme helps young people overcome their fears and anxieties about failure."

Martina Ptáčková

Eight times world champion in martial arts

"There are situations that seem insurmountable, but those are the ones that have given me the most in life. Even the DofE inspires young people to go for their goals and not give up."

Kristina Němčková

World's youngest MasterChef winner

"DofE helps young people to achieve their goals and overcome their limits. It also motivates those who would not normally push themselves to achieve their goals."

Zdeněk Piškula


"The DofE is helping young people in today's age of a plethora of options to decide on some of them and pursue them on a regular basis."

Marek Eben

Actor, presenter, composer, singer and songwriter.

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