Published: 09.09.2019

News for all DofE programme leaders and coordinators

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During the holidays, we have prepared several new features to facilitate your work with participants. One of them is PayPal payment for registering a participant in the Online Record Book.

You ask us how you can tell that a participant has already paid via PayPal. When you confirm and approve the registration, you will see the transaction ID. If the ID is not present, it means that the participant has not yet paid and do not approve the registration. During September, for the last time, the ORB billing for the past year will take place.

A summary of all the news can be found in the document here >>

DofE story

EMAS Conference


The DofE EMAS (Europe, Mediterranean and Arab States) conference took place in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, at the beginning of July. It welcomed 56 delegates from 19 countries and the Czech Republic had 3 representatives who presented the work of our organisation to others and established new international contacts.
Over the course of 3 days, delegates from the national centres had the opportunity to learn about new developments and upcoming changes to the global foundation programme. Of course, there was also sharing of good practices.


  • Volunteering at castles and chateaus in the Czech Republic

Through the 72 Hours project, we bring the opportunity to help with work in castles and chateaus. After the end of the project there is also the possibility of long-term cooperation. For more information, please contact Regional Manager Daniela:

List of objects can be found here

  • DofE Club

In the new school year you can look forward to events organised by the DofE Club again. The Club is open to all DofE participants and alumni. On the website you will find a tab FOR LEADERS, where you can download information for your participants and invite them to events.

  • Master of Ceremonies

Until 13 September, presenters can apply for the Bronze Ceremonies, which will take place in November in Brno and in December in Ostrava and Prague. We are looking for bright pupils and students who are DofE participants or graduates and have good presentation skills. For more information or with suggestions for presenters, please write to


Adventure in Norway


The new issue of the English magazine for Czech students, Bridge, now features an exclusive interview with the winner of the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award, Tomáš Vavrečka. In the interview, you will find out what the DofE gave him, what his expedition was like and what he is doing now.

If you don't subscribe to the magazine, you can read the interview on our website here >>


We've streamlined PRE-registration for ceremonies into one form. On this form, we ask you to fill in an estimate of the number of participants for the Gold, Silver and Bronze ceremonies this year. The REGISTRATION form for each participant will be the same as in the past and will be sent out three weeks prior to the ceremony. Starting this school year, we are also expanding the Bronze Ceremonies from Prague to Brno and Ostrava. You can find out where your ceremony will take place directly on the form. Please fill it out by September 27.

Pre-registration form >>

Date Events Location
8.10. Basic training  Prague
9.10. Training for Award Leaders  Prague
10.10. Expedition training Prague
16.10. Basic training  Brno
17.10. Expedition training  Brno
31.10. Golden Ceremony  Prague
6.11. Silver Ceremonies  Prague
19.11. Basic training  Prague
20.11. Expedition training  Prague
25.11. Bronze ceremonies  Brno
5.12. Bronze ceremony  Ostrava
12.12. Bronze ceremonies  Prague
17.12. Bronze ceremonies  Prague

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You can also download the short reports in pdf in Czech >>

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