The participant and supervisor will find the necessary documents, guidance and DofE rules. In addition to the downloadable documents, you can also use the YouTube channel DofE guides and tipswho can help you with, for example, registration for ORB, PayPal payment, and expedition training.

DofE timetable

Materials for DofE programme providers



Expeditions and expedition centre

  • Below is a link to the Via Czechia server, which can be an inspiration for Dofaks when planning expeditions. It is an excellent tool and we hope you will use it when planning expeditions in the Czech Republic.
  • We would like to point out that the expeditions should not copy the routes on the Via Czechia portal. These are only recommendations of interesting locations.

Expedition manuals

Sample documents for expedition planning (documents for Local Centres)

Protection of children and young people

Directive on the protection of the rights and safety of children and young people

Guidelines on violations of the rights of children and young people

DofE Code of Conduct

Accident insurance from CRDM


Retention of personal data

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